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Bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation and administration
We are solicitors dealing exclusively with insolvency matters. Based in Brighton we act for clients throughout the UK.  As a firm of solicitors we also have a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.  We emphasise a practical approach in our dealings with clients, the courts and others.

Saving the matrimonial home
The matrimonial home is often the biggest and only asset in a bankruptcy.  We are able to advise you as to the options available to you in respect of your home when faced with possession proceedings brought by a trustee in bankruptcy.

Unlawful dividends - directors' loans
Increasingly liquidators and HMRC are seeking to recover unlawful dividends and loans from directors and shareholders. Get up to speed with clear legal advice on the way forward.

If you have been made bankrupt, we can advise you on the options available to you to acheive your
objective, whilst avoiding the pitfalls

UK bankruptcy law for German nationals
German and Eu nationals are choosing England and Wales to present their bankruptcy petitions.
Whilst the UK bankruptcy regime is considered more debtor friendly than elsewhere, compliance
with the rules is essential.  Detailed advice is required to minimise the risk of a subsequent challenge
by way on an annulment from the Official receiver or a creditor.

Winding up and bankruptcy petitions
The consequences of a company receiving a winding up petition are serious and can result in the company's bank account being frozen. A bankruptcy petition will make subsequent payments/transactions void. In both cases legal advice should be sought immediately on how to deal with it and what the options are.

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